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By Joining the Boy Boy Membership you have the option of participating in the Unlimited Email Coaching Program. Please note that by purchasing the Bad Boy Membership and sending an email question you are confirming that you are at least 18 year of age or older and that you will not hold ITAKKS Media or Mr. In my own shadow side, I learned the power to speak up and how to tell someone to fuck off — and enjoy zero guilt in really meaning it.There’s a confidence your shadow side has, that you don’t often get to play with in the safe confines of someone that holds no opposition to you (a good boy.) And for a temporary spell, this development is really fun to unbox. The one that really, really likes setting up impossible goals and innovative challenges for myself.You Thought You Could Find The Real You Jungian philosophy refers to the shadow side of our personalities as an unconscious part of the that the ego does not identify itself with.

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Or can you just have enough bravery to try breaking rules on your own and stick with a good guy instead?

These relationships can help you explore the shadow sides of your personality, the parts you have repressed or not identified with because the environment you grew up in didn’t allow you to play with it.

It’s fun to explore this side, so long as you don’t go full Harley Quinn and hurt other people (or yourself).

Hence the teetering between the two options in my dating life: and why the ones who are so adorable, so lethal and ultimately give the best, borderline psycho-sex of my life, are so impossible for me to resist.

Or should I say, it used to be hard to resist them.I think it almost all evens out — except for the sex.